I do not like to take my medicine. Ever. I am not ashamed to say that I will avoid taking medication, (like a 6 year old), if at all possible. So, in the past, when I encountered minor aches and pains, I was left with a dilemma. Tough it out or treat it? 

I have since learned, that I can do things to relieve pain naturally. One method that has been surprisingly effective is acupressure.

Many acupressure points charts are difficult to read, for the unacquainted. This acupressure point chart has only, three simple points, for treating everyday ailments.

This is definitely worth your attention!

Basic Basics

Acupressure is an ages old method of treating, pain, illness, and mood. It is one of the many beautiful gifts that traditional Chinese medicine has to offer one’s overall well being.

The life force energy, or ch’i, is believed to flow through the body, in channels called, meridians. There are 12 major meridians in the human body, that can me manually manipulated through acupressure. 

Learning, where these acupressure points exist and how to properly tap into their power is an art form that can take a life time to master.

Luckily for you and I, there are pressure points that can be easily located, and used by novice practitioners, such as myself.  

There are 3 points, that I believe, everyone should become acquainted with, The Sea of Energy, Joining Valley,and Wei Zhong.

I chose these three because they are easy to locate, and virtually fool-proof to manipulate. More importantly, learning just these three can help treat a plethora of common aches and pains.

CV 6 a.k.a.The Sea of Energy 

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Conception vessel 6 acupressure point, or CV 6, is referred to as the Sea of Energy. This acupressure point is located in the abdominal area about 2 finger widths below the navel.

Applying pressure to this point can help relieve gas and constipation, increase sexual pleasure, increase energy and promote healing, relieve menstrual cramps, relieve symptoms of I.B.S. and other digestive issues, help treat infertility and much more!

Personally, I use it to alleviate gas pain on a regular basis. For those that have issues with lactose and won’t give up cheese, take note of the CV 6 point! It can be invaluable for the hard headed dairy lover.

To tap into the healing power of, the Sea of Energy, place two fingers (horizontally) beneath the bottom of your navel. Then using your free hand, press using one or two fingers on the spot directly inline with your navel.

Apply gentle pressure and slowly increase the amount of pressure until you are using firm, yet comfortable pressure. This should not be painful at all.

 Do this for two to three minutes, as often as necessary to begin feeling relief from whatever ails you, unless you are pregnant.

For those that are pregnant I DO NOT recommend using acupressure outside of the supervision of a professional acupressure therapist.

LI 4 a.k.a Joining Valley a.k.a.

He Gu

Large Intestine 4 point,or LI 4 is commonly called the He Gu. This particular pressure point is the most widely known and commonly used acupressure point. Located on the hand, it’s an easy to find and utilize “magic button” of sorts.

Don’t be mislead by the reference to large intestine, in its name, this pressure point does it all! 

Headaches are something that virtually everyone suffers from, occasionally. He Gu can relieve headaches.

If you learn this point for no other reason, the use of the LI 4 pressure point to relieve headache pain, in place of a pharmaceutical, makes it invaluable.

Use the He Gu point for relief of general body aches and pains, ear nose and throat issues, dizziness, tooth aches, inducing labor, amenorrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, fever, and several other conditions.

LI 4, as I stated before, is used to induce labor. Under no circumstance, should this point be manipulated by an expectant mother before the term of pregnancy is complete! You may, likely, go into preterm labor by stimulating the LI 4 acupressure point.

The muscular tissue located immediately before the joint where the thumb and forefinger meet, is where LI 4 is located. Apply firm pressure while massaging the spot in a circular motion, using your thumb.

Do over the span of 5 minutes. Repeat on the opposite hand. This may be done as often as necessary to experience results.

Pregnancy aside, the use of the He Gu pressure point should be considered safe for accessing, multiple times daily. This pressure point is also regarded as the most effective pressure point to tap into, and get noticeable results, fast.

UB 40 a.k.a. Wei Zhong

Urinary bladder 40, or UB 40, is the Wei Zhong pressure point (sometimes interpreted as supporting middle, or middle bend). The given name lends itself to the location of this pressure point, as it is located, in the crease, of the back of the knee.

The Wei Zhong point, offers those suffering with lower back pain, sciatica, hip pain, foot pain, head aches, and tooth pain much needed, pain relief.

Regularly applying pressure to this point, may even reduce the number of episodes that you typically have of these types of pain.

 It is ideal to access this pressure point while lying on the stomach, and having someone else there to locate the UB 40. However, having a partner to assist, may not be an option.

Luckily, using this point can be done while seated, and alone. Bend the knee, and at the center of the crease place your finger and apply firm pressure for approximately two to three minutes on each leg.

You may repeat this process, throughout the day to remain pain free.

Simple and Effective

Discovering these common pressure points, has been one of the best things I have done for my day to day well being. I have had great results using these simple techniques on myself.

I hope that your experience, with these 3 pressure points, is as positive as mine has been.

If you have trouble doing these on yourself, see if a friend or loved one can assist. You may also seek out professional acupressure therapist, in your area.

When acupressure is done correctly, you can’t help but see what all the fuss is about!

Be sure to try these out! And as always, Happy Healing!


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