When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, taking a holistic approach just makes good sense.

Holistic approach?

What is holistic approach?

Does holistic living mean throwing away all my electronics and sacrificing indoor plumbing?

No. Holistic, in short, means while treating the needs of a person, one must be mindful of ALL aspects of that person. Healing is not focused on a single ailment, rather the individual is addressed as a whole. Mind, body, and spirit are all attended to equally.

Obviously, the mental state of a patient is affected by the diagnosis of any major medical problem. Facing a health crisis is heartbreaking for both the patient, and their loved ones. Despite, having good intentions for our well-being, traditional medicine does not offer sufficient treatment via protocol.

The vast majority of physicians are caring and compassionate people, naturally, and do their best to comfort and support us throughout our medical care.

Practitioners of traditional medicine, however, are not properly trained to address our emotional needs, beyond offering a few words of encouragement.

For example, if I were given a cancer diagnosis, and took a holistic approach to cancer treatment, the disease, wouldn’t be the only condition addressed when I received care. My emotional health would be of equal importance throughout the healing process.

Personally, I feel there is a HUGE difference between being treated as the newest Chemotherapy patient, versus being cared for as, Felicia, a woman filled with fears and uncertainty about the future.

Mental health is an integral part of recovery. Holistic medicine recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy state of mind.

Your thoughts and attitude have an enormous role in the success of your treatment. Having the courage, and will, to fight health issues, and more, can make or break us. Taking one’s emotional state into consideration is more than practical, it’s a necessity. 



Food For The Soul

Spiritual growth is key in serving our divine purpose. Holistic living puts emphasis on feeding the very core of our being so that progression can take place.

Our beliefs may vary when it comes to religion and spiritualism, but we all have common needs. We all need love and desire happiness. Learning to accept one’s self is the foundation of giving and receiving the love that we thrive on.

Some are born with a joyful and content disposition, while others must work harder to find harmony in their lives.

Happiness and inner peace should be actively sought after, regardless of where you may fall on the spectrum of emotional tranquility. Self reflection and meditation are often incorporated into a holistic lifestyle for this very reason.

We learn about the energy that surrounds us. Many refer to these energies as “vibes”. Holistic living recognizes that these “vibes” have a valid role, in how we feel, and respond to different environments.

Learning about Chi, chakras, auras, etc., is valuable to anyone wishing to adhere to holistic practices. With time and patience, we come understand how to harness the power of these energies.

Serenity can be attained by anyone, given adequate guidance. Holistic practices introduce us to tools that can help us harvest true contentment in our lives. 

Healthy and Thriving


Quality of life greatly depends on the state of health that you are in. Holistic living is based on the philosophy that our bodies are our temples. Treating our physical vessel as such, contributes to good health.

Eating right and incorporating natural medicines into our lives are a vital part of living a holistic life. What we put into our bodies, quite literally, makes us who we are.

Exercising for strength and disease prevention is done regularly by those that chose a holistic path. Yoga is popular among practitioners of holistic living, as it includes both meditation and physical conditioning.

Committing to holistic living may not appeal to you, but good physical health is certainly favored by all.


Mind Power


Mental stimulation is something that we thirst for. From reading to playing games on a mobile device, we quench that thirst. Occupying the mind is a full time job.

When we want to improve upon our physical bodies, we watch what we put in them and exercise. The requirements of keeping the mind healthy and performing well are surprisingly similar.

We can sharpen our thinking and concentration skills using exercises that stimulate our brains. We can improve upon our mental health, by focusing on the good and positive aspects of our lives.

Gaining knowledge and growing in wisdom is a never ending process. The condition of your mind exceeds the importance of that of your body. Your mind is who you are.

My existence itself, is based upon an intangible part of me, my consciousness, my mind. If it weren’t for my thoughts and feelings, what would I be?

Mind conditioning, for the holistic individual is a personal journey. There is no time limit nor lesson plan. Our needs are as unique as we are. Expanding our knowledge and challenging ourselves is the only requirement.

Give It A Try


If nothing else, holistic living, means putting forth an effort to improve your life. Holistic living isn’t an unrealistic, rigid lifestyle. It’s being proactive in developing a better YOU!

Forget, all the over the top media portrayals of New Age practices. Don’t be intimidated by unfamiliar concepts, or the expectation that you should behave as if you were some kind of supreme being.

However, you must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone to allow for real growth to take place. Making small lifestyle changes, is the best start. The improvements in the way you feel will be motivation enough to continue on your holistic journey!

When we practice a lifestyle, in which, positive change is the ultimate goal, good days are sure to follow. If nothing else, you’ll never get bored.

There’s always room for self-improvement!

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