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So you bought your Neti pot, and are armed with hopes of eliminating allergy symptoms. Undoubtedly you are asking yourself, “how do I use a neti pot?”. You found yourself here, so I’ll take that as a yes. Luckily for you, I do have firsthand experience using a neti pot.Continue Reading

In light of the COVID-19 situation, most of us would like to keep sneezing and coughing to a minimum. Unfortunately for those with pollen sensitivity, we are at the height of allergy season. The best home remedies for allergies are safe, inexpensive, and of course natural. While mastering the useContinue Reading

For some of us, reaching middle age status poses a new set of challenges. Aside from the fine lines and body aches, there is often a decrease in sexual desire in both sexes. I have good news for you! Nature did not forget about our physical desires. These are justContinue Reading

For those suffering from multiple sclerosis, everyday may seem like an uphill battle. Symptoms such as numbness, fatigue, vision problems, dizziness, pain, anxiety, depression, cognitive ability and more can be helped with the use of miraculously medicinal herbs. Turning to herbal supplements to treat multiple sclerosis, offers many much-needed reliefContinue Reading