Danger lurks around every corner in the typical household. Kitchen knives, and slippery floors may be unavoidable hazards, but the cleaning products that we keep in our homes, can be altered, to curb some of that danger. In the market for homemade cleaning product recipes? Look no further.  

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Asthma and other respiratory disorders do not fare well with chemical fumes. That is my personal reason for seeking out a safer way to a clean home. There are tons of recipes out there that are really good. I just chose to share these in particular beause, well………. I’m also a cheapskate.

Floor Cleaner

This floor cleaning recipe is good for vinyl and hardwood floors. This recipe is as easy as 1-2-3. I won’t lie, the scent of the vinegar is intense! It will evaporate and go away however after drying. If it is too much, simply reduce the amount of vinegar in the solution. For a slight twist try adding a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to improve the fragrance. 

2 cups water

1/2 cup white vinegar

1-2 drops of dish liquid

Juice of 1 small lemon

Step 1 Mix all the ingredients together in a spray bottle.

Step 2 Spray the surface you intend to clean.

Step 3 Dampen your mop with water and then mop as you usually would.

Wood Furniture Polish

I am sooo in love with natural furniture polish. This recipe cleans and polishes simultaneously. The shine it leaves behind is amazing and it is another recipe that requires simple, common ingredients.

1/2 cup olive oil

1 tsp white vinegar or apple cider vingar

Juice of 1 small lemon

Mix all ingredients in a small jar or bowl.  Dip a clean cloth into the polish mixture then buff in a circular motion to gently polish the surface. Use sparingly, to avoid accidental oil stains to clothing upon contact with polished surface.


What’s better than a commercial cleaner?

No streaking or residue will be left behind.

You guessed it! Plain white vinegar.

1 cup water

1 cup white vinegar

Mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Use as you would any other glass cleaner.

All Purpose Cleaner for Hard Surfaces

This particular cleaner is my favorite. It’s simple to make, however, the catch to this one is time.

This recipe calls for a one week waiting period.

Your patience will be worth it, rest assured. As a bonus it makes use of things you may normally throw away.

1 glasss spray bottlle

large (about 16 oz) canning jar or other glass container

the peel of 3-5 lemons

aproximately 3/4 cup vinegar 

aproximately 1 cup water

In the large canning jar or container of your choice place lemon peels. Cover the peels with enough vinegar to cover them completely. Close the container or jar. Set the vinegar and lemon peel mixture in a sunny window sill for at least 4 days (7 is preferable). 

When the time is right, pour the, lemon peel infused, vinegar into the glass spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle the rest of the way with water. Simply shake the cleaning solution well and its ready to be used!

Tile and Grout Cleaner

This is a great recipe to use in place of store bought cleaners. Since tile and grout are porous surfaces, they really soak up whatever they come in contact with. Using this particular cleaner, is a great way to ensure the safety of your home.

1 box of baking soda

small container of water or white vinegar

sturdy sponge or cloth

Place an appropriate amount (based on the size of the job) of baking soda into a small bowls. Simply dampen the sponge or cloth with water or white vinegar, and then dip it into the baking soda. Scrub the surface that needs to be cleaned. After scrubbing is complete rinse the excess baking soda from the area with warm water until rinsed away completely.

Save Your Money and Your Health

Take note of the theme in the above recipes. Vinegar. Vinegar. Vinegar. White distilled vinegar by the gallon is so cost effective and so versitile. The scent leaves some of us writhing, but if you can get past the aroma you can benefit from its cleaning power.

Keep in mind that, adding essential oils is always an option to make the cleaner more fragrance friendly.

Being able to breathe easy while cleaning my home is a good feeling. No more holding my breath, scrubbing, then running.

Cleaning used to take hours because I would have to take breaks and collect myself. Inhaling those chemicals literally, made me dizzy.

Perhaps your motivation is different from mine. The reason you are looking for the recipes isn’t so important as, the changes that can come from using them. Try some of these for yourself! Your lungs and pockets will be forever grateful.

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  1. Making my own cleaning products is something I’ve been putting off for way too long! I love that these are all so simple. I really don’t have an excuse anymore.

    1. Glad you found this article! Thanks for the feedback. It is truly appreciated.

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