It is human nature to seek answers to life’s great mysteries. By far the biggest mystery being, “What happens to us when we die?”

Is there life after death? Or is this life, all there is?

I want for you to, at least temporarily, set aside your religious beliefs. Whatever they may be. This is a concept that I would like to share.

You are free to agree or disagree, that is the beauty of being a free thinking individual. Just consider the following, and I hope you find comfort in it.

What Are We?

Everything that exists is made of energy. This is a lesson that was taught to you in elementary school. Protons, electrons, and neutrons. Energy.

Intellectually, you may know that. But at your core, do you really understand it?

A simple question? What makes you, YOU?

You inhabit a physical body. This, however, is not what defines you as an individual. If you were to lose a limb would you be any less “you”?

No, your physical mass would decrease, but you would still be yourself.

What makes a person is their consciousness. A person’s memories, thoughts, and feelings, are what makes them. All of these are abstract.

What makes you the person that you are today, is intangible. You can’t touch determination, love, or ideas.

I Think, Therefore I Am

Upon reading articles on consciousness, and the thought process, I have come to some conclusions.

Scientific research is there to support the firing of neurons, and has the ability view the electrical impulses associated with thoughts, and feelings. All energy. Pure, raw, energy.

As you also learned, in grade school. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change forms.


Upon transition from life to death, why then is it not possible for a collective consciousness to still exist? You may not think so, but I certainly do.

I believe whole heartedly, that existence beyond life as you now know is, is more than just possible. It’s a guarantee.

I am not a religious person, at all. But I can say without a doubt that there is life after physical death.

I have had enough personal experience to KNOW that somewhere in the universe, we will continue to exist.

Although, I won’t pretend to understand it.

Find Comfort In Continuity

Some people, particularly empaths, are sensitive to the energy that is left behind by others, that have crossed into the other plane.

If you know someone that claims to have many “paranormal” experiences, it may be that they are just more open to these energies.

Do not discount something, as false, just because you do not understand it.

Science 200 years ago, would dispute the existence of many modern day discoveries. That doesn’t make it any less real, for those that know and feel the energies, of deceased individuals.

For those that are not able to feel, or encounter these amazing interactions it is possible to increase your chances of having these experiences. Through meditation and keeping an open mind, many things are possible.

Death Is Not Final

My personal feeling is that “death” does not exist. It is a label that mankind has given to the most traumatic and painful experience in life.

I believe, we simply outgrow the vessel that we were given. We enter the cocoon a caterpillar and exit, a butterfly.

A butterfly that is too beautiful to be viewed by human eyes.

I hope you find peace in your heart, and share your love freely. And as always, Happy Healing!


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