Rick Simpson Oil 6 week daily dosage chart

Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, for short, is a cannabis concentrate. Claims of individuals being cured of cancer, are often times attributed to the use of RSO.

Some may, say that RSO is ineffective. I, however, have had the privilege of witnessing, the halt of cancer growth in an individual that undertook the herbal treatment. When conventional methods were not preventing the progression of the disease, Rick Simpson Oil did. My, personal, experience has made me a believer that Rick Simpson oil can, indeed, effectively cure some cancers.

I can appreciate the gravity of such a dreaded disease and the desperation to find a cure for yourself or loved one. The following Rick Simpson Oil recipe and dosage chart is what I have seen used personally, and can be used to make a small batch.

Rick Simpson Oil Recipe and Dosage Chart

Sharing this Rick Simpson Oil Recipe and Dosage Chart is a labor of love. Having firsthand experience with this particular herbal remedy, I feel it is my duty to share my own experience and knowledge. Please proceed with caution, an open mind, and an open-heart.

Common Sense

Please understand, firstly, that as with any other medication or treatment, that every individual will not have the same results. Allergies, heredity, cancer type and many other factors come into play, when determining how suitable and/or effective this treatment will be.

Be sure to do your research about any possible drug interactions, that you or your loved one, may have with cannabis and other current medications.

Please, if you are unfamiliar with cannabis and its side effects, do your OWN research! Do not rely on rumor. You should find that cannabis is pretty safe, in comparison to, even the most common pharmaceutical drugs.

Detailed information was not easy to come by, when it pertains to RSO. Furthermore, purchasing marijuana from places other than a dispensary, that can guarantee THC content, is an even more gray area.

The state where this particular recipe was utilized is one in which marijuana is still illegal. That being said, based on the dosage guidelines that I could find, we did the best with what we had at our disposal.


High CBD oil is absolutely, positively, amazing. I am not on a mission to deter you from its use. But, to effectively kill cancer cells, it is not enough!

The combination of THC and high CBD works synergistically to eradicate the cancerous cells. So if you are currently self medicating using high CBD treatment, you must incorporate the THC into your regimen.

It is recommended that you use only medicinal grade marijuana for the recipes that I could find. Due to the circumstances, when the need to make Rick Simpson Oil arose, close to home, that quality of marijuana was not readily available.

We had success using typical mid-grade marijuana in our RSO recipe. That being said, we were not able to get an accurate account of the actual amount of THC that was in our own RSO concentrate.

In order to have some control over therapeutic dosing, we abode by the minimum of 100mg CBD daily, recommended dosage for cancer treatment. Sounds simple enough so far right? I’ll just say this, consider yourself forewarned about the CBD product that you chose.

The CBD business is booming in a big way! Needless to say, some less than transparent business practices, surround this wildly profitable product. Read the fine print… There are bottles advertised with 300ml of CBD oil that advertise 200mg of CBD.

Buyer beware! Make sure to read the fine print! The bottle may contain a total of 200mg per entire bottle, not per dose.

This is important so that you don’t end up having to consume several ounces of the CBD oil suspension per day, to get the recommended 100mg dose for cancer treatment.

I found a brand that clearly outlines, the potency of the CBD oil that comes in a prefilled syringe, perfect for accurate dosing called Pharma Hemp. It is their CBD extract product that was used to produce the positive results that my friend experienced.

As for a solvent for extracting the good stuff from the marijuana itself, it is almost always suggested that 99% isopropyl alcohol is used.

Being that I am no chemist and the idea of accidentally ingesting isopropyl alcohol sounds scary to me, I opted for using grain alcohol instead. I used a liter of Everclear, and it worked just fine.


Get Prepared

-You will need at least an ounce of mid grade marijuana or medicinal quality marijuana. For those that have no prior experience with cannabis use, I would actually suggest starting with the mid grade until you build your tolerance to the high it may produce.

Gather Your Materials!

-1 liter bottle of 95% /190 proof grain alcohol such as Everclear

-Large mouth 16oz canning jar (Mason jar)

-Wooden Spoon. I’m not sure why it calls for a wooden spoon exclusively, but I did use it as instructed.

-Stockings, yes nylons, for straining. A cheese cloth may be used, and will make for a nicer looking oil. I prefer the stocking personally, as I feel that it leaves more of the nutrients in the finished product.

-Large rubber band for securing “stocking strainer” or cheese cloth to jar

-Double boiler, If you don’t own one, it’s not difficult to “rig” one up, so to speak. Use a large pot and place enough water to touch the bottom of a smaller boiler placed inside.

Just be sure that the smaller pot, is not so small, that it will tip over and spill its contents into the larger pot. *Use a non-stick pot for the smaller boiler. The resulting oil will be a tar-like consistency*

-Crock pot (optional) you can use a double boiler for heating the marijuana and solvent, but using a crock pot does make the first step easier if you have one at your disposal

-Marijuana grinder, you can find these as gas stations or tobacco shoppes, they are not hard to find these days.

-Well ventilated area. No kidding! Windows up, doors open! Everclear may be just a tad bit safer to ingest than isopropyl alcohol, but the vapor off of it is VISCIOUS.

Inhaling alcohol, will do the same thing to your body that it does when you drink it. ONLY FASTER! This is very dangerous for more reason than one. Alcohol vapor is also flammable. You absolutely must keep the area well ventilated and refrain from smoking!

-Dosing syringes and/or a small glass jar (size of baby food jar is perfect) for storage. Dosing syringes are preferable as they already display milliliter measurements for administration.

-Time. This is not a difficult process. It is tedious, in that it requires patience and should not be rushed.

Using higher temperatures to heat this oil will result in a product that has been robbed of the healing properties, due to heat consumption and evaporation.

Be patient and expect the process to take about 4 hours total.

Get Cooking!

Once you have all your materials ready, again, be sure to ventilate the area as much as possible. If you have a fan that you could place in an open window nearby (FACING OUTWARD) to help disperse the vapor, that would best.

For the first step you may use either a crock pot or double boiler. First you will use the marijuana grinder to break the buds down into very small pieces. Grind the entire ounce of buds, then put the marijuana inside the mason jar.

Pour just enough grain alcohol into the jar, to fully immerse the raw cannabis in solvent. Stir using the wooden spoon.

Place the jar with the marijuana suspension inside your double broiler, or crock pot. Then, add enough water to the crock pot or broiler so that the contents of the jar, are level to the water in the pot.

Next turn up the heat. If using a crock pot, you will use the “Low” setting. If using the boilers, you will use very low heat. If you have a numbered stove top dial of 1-10, use 2 or 3.

You do not want to heat this mixture to a simmer. You want only to warm this for about 15 minutes on very low heat. Stir gently once while heating the solvent mixture.

After 15 minutes, turn the heat off on your crock pot or stove top. Leave the jar inside the water bath to cool at room temperature.

Assuming your windows are open now, as they should be, finding a draft free area for your jar to cool isn’t exactly practical. I’m quite sure no one would like to clean up a shattered jar of cannabis juice, so we’ll keep things simple and allow the solvent to sit for 30 minutes….. right where is.

If after 30 minutes the mixture is cool enough to handle comfortably, proceed. Otherwise, wait another 30 minutes before continuing.

Remove jar from water and stir with wooden spoon once again. If using stockings, wrap them across the mouth of jar, twice, so that you have 2 layers of nylon, and secure with rubber band.

If using a cheese cloth, you can simply cover the mouth of jar once and secure with a rubber band.

Pour the liquid solvent mixture from the jar, thru your choice of strainer, into the smaller non-stick broiler.

*It is not a necessity, but I did add about 4 oz of alcohol to the cannabis a second time and gave it a good stir (to ensure that I got as much of the good stuff extracted from the buds as possible). Then, I strained that solvent mixture into my small broiler as well.

If the broiler you have on hand is too small to contain the entire contents of the jar, don’t worry. Just set aside. As more liquid is evaporated from the oil, you can add more of the solution.

Photo by Gerd Altmann Courtesy of Pixbay

If you’ve got a fan to place in the window, and you haven’t put it there yet, now is the time!

Open every door, and window possible. If doing this outdoors is an option, GO OUTSIDE! Do not underestimate how dangerous alcohol vapor is!

I don’t intend to scare you off from trying this, but above all, your safety is important! While battling cancer, the last thing you need is to simultaneously battle a house fire!

Place the smaller broiler inside the larger pot. In your larger pot add enough water, that it touches the bottom of the smaller boiler, containing the solvent.

To get the process expedited, you can begin heating the large pot on medium heat.

*You must not walk away from the stove top for the next 10 minutes* You will have to watch the water in the large pot very closely.

As soon as you begin to see air bubbles form in the bottom of the large pot, reduce the heat on the stove top to low. (If stove top has 1-10 dial, use setting 3 or 4)

This step in the process requires your full attention. The solvent must be evaporated from the extract completely.

However, you must not boil the mixture. You will destroy the terpenes, thought duly responsible for RSO’s healing properties.

You want the RSO to barely simmer. The solution needs to be just hot enough for the alcohol to evaporate.

You must stay nearby and check at least every 3 to 5 minutes to ensure that the RSO is not being overheated, and adjust your stove top temperature accordingly.

As I stated before, it isn’t a complicated process. Patience, here, is truly a virtue, and ensuring that those healing properties remain intact require only patience enough to not rush the process by using more heat than necessary.

If you have any remaining liquid solvent, you may continue to add it to the small pot, as room for more becomes available. As the solvent evaporates, leaving behind the oil, it will be easy for you to distinguish the solvent from the oil.

The RSO will have a tar-like or taffy-like consistency. When you have cooked off most of the alcohol, the remaining solvent will be easily identifiable, as it will be liquid, and the oil will appear relatively solid.

Due to variations in size of cookware, amount of solvent used, and differences in cooking equipment, I cannot offer an exact cook time.

I will say that it should take around an hour, minimum, if you are using the lowest heat setting possible (ideal) to get the job done.

Potful of Pot?

So you’ve evaporated all the alcohol, and you are now looking at the finished product! If it looks like you have about a tablespoon of Rick Simpson Oil, then you should consider this a successful batch.

I have read that using an ounce of medical quality marijuana yields about 3 grams or 3 milliliters of oil.

I was able to consistently produce about 5 to 6 grams, so hopefully you have been fortunate enough to amass at least 3.

Using a syringe will make it easier to get an idea of how much your batch has yielded.

If you have your syringes on hand, get ready to fill them! If your syringe holds up to 5ml, then you will probably only need to use one. If you only have one 1ml syringe for dosing, that’s just fine too.

Allow several minutes for your batch of RSO to cool down. When Rick Simpson Oil cools below about 70 degrees if is pretty much solid.

So, as soon as the oil is cool enough to not cause burns, you may put the RSO into the syringe for storing. Tip the broiler to the side to make drawing the RSO into the syringe easier.

*The herbal remedy may be taken as soon as it cooled enough to be consumed safely, or stored until you are ready to use it.

If using a small glass container, use a small spatula to scrape the contents into the container and secure the lid. Refrigeration is preferred when storing Rick Simpson Oil, so keep your RSO stored there safely, and out of the reach of children.

Consider using a lockbox to prevent accidental misuse, or tampering with the oil.

I will admit, when stored in the refrigerator, your oil will be virtually impossible to both, push through and draw up, into a syringe. Allow yourself at least 10 minutes to prepare, before the scheduled dose.

Keep in mind that RSO should never be heated in a microwave, as it compromises the quality of the oil. Place the glass container or syringe in hot water from the tap, allowing the extract to reach a more fluid state so that it can be administered easily.

The RSO can be taken orally, as is, or can be added to capsules and swallowed, if the taste is not palatable. Additionally, it can be added to food, as long as the entire portion is eaten.

Try adding it to appetizer size portions of food, such as slice of fruit with peanut butter, or a slice of cheese on a cracker. This should make it easier to be certain that the whole dose was taken, as opposed to mixing it in with a side serving veggies that the patient may not be able to finish.

Course of Treatment Recommendations

In order for the Rick Simpson oil treatment to be truly effective, it is recommended that 60 grams or 60 ml of RSO is ingested over a period of 90 days.

Begin with small doses and over the course of a month or more, graduate into 1 gram a day. It may take some longer than others to work their way up to a gram a day, so don’t panic if it takes a little longer than a month to get there.

The important thing is that you complete the consumption of at least 60 grams of Rick Simpson Oil, in order to see the remission of the disease.

High CBD is not a trait of marijuana with high THC content. High CBD is found in Hemp, which is not the type of cannabis that people use recreationally.

To guarantee that the daily recommended dose of at least 100 mg of CBD was ingested, the person I knew took the Pharmahemp CBD extract, according to package instructions, alongside the RSO.

It is further recommended by some that maintenance treatment is continued, after remission. It is generally accepted that a maintenance dose of 1 drop at bedtime is sufficient for remaining cancer free.

Be further advised that RSO may reduce blood pressure, it may also affect the need for insulin in diabetics. All of these changes should be monitored closely, and dosages for these medications, adjusted accordingly.

Below is a chart that can ne used as a guideline for how and when to increase dosage of RSO, in order to get yourself to 1 gram daily. Remember this is just a guideline.

If you cannot tolerate the increased doses, in the time recommended, it will not equate to failure for this treatment. Just finish the 60 grams!

When our mind is focused on healing and loving those around us, instead of the ailment at hand, our quality of life improves. Be hopeful, forgiving, understanding, and grateful on your road to recovery. I wish you wellness and joy.

As always, good luck on your healing journey!

Rick Simpson Oil Dosage Chart






  1. Why did you not cook in rice cooker -(brown rice) like rick simsom did for safety

    1. To be perfectly honest with you, it is because I don’t own one…. I realize that not everyone owns one either. Aside from that, I would’ve used one instead! Thank you for your question!

  2. Hello, Thank you for the excellent and detailed instructions on how to make RSO! I appreciate your attention to details. I have a couple of questions. When you say “It is further recommended by some that maintenance treatment is continued, after remission. It is generally accepted that a maintenance dose of 1 drop at bedtime is sufficient for remaining cancer free.”… Is that one drop of the RSO or one drop of the CBD extract? or both?.. The other question is as to how the RSO may also affect the need for insulin in diabetics, does it tend to lower or raise the blood sugar? I am asking because I am hypoglycemic, and I was just wondering which way to be expecting it to affect my blood sugar, higher or lower, or could it go either way? Thank you. and thanks again for all of the great information!

    1. Yes! One drop of both high CBD oil and the RSO would be m recommendation. As far as the affect on blood sugar, typically you would expect a slight reduction. Keep in mind, however, that all our bodies responding differently. Please contact me by email if further assistance is needed! Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best!


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