Sex and spiritual connection. What does that mean? For starters, when having sex with a person, connecting to that person’s aura is unavoidable.

When it comes to getting close to someone, you can’t top the act of sexual intercourse. Being that you are physically inside another or, vice versa, well… you get the point.

No matter how casual an encounter may seem, all sexual interactions leave their mark on us.

This is not a ploy for you to question your own morals. Rather, I’d like for you to consider a concept that many people don’t when the issue of intimacy arises.


Bad Vibes Rub Off

When most of us speak about the negative or positive feeling we get from others we call it a vibe. The good or bad vibrations that our energies pick up are very real. Not only are they real, but they ARE contagious.

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Albeit a very rare instance, I do come across some people that give me an immediate sense of discomfort. The negative energy that some people carry can be strong enough to dampen one’s spirits without ANY physical contact.

Walking into a room with a family member, and sensing tension, when no one has spoken, is a prime example of this.

Energy Exchange

Energy. We are all made of energy. If you paid any attention to your 4th Grade science teacher, you already know this. Energy can be, and is exchanged between objects and individuals all the time.

Why then, is it so far-fetched to believe that when two people are physically intertwined, that some of that energy rubs off on us?

Try this, needle experiment. If you take a magnet, and rub it across a needle in the same direction, repeatedly, the needle will become magnetized. The more times you rub the magnet against the needle, the stronger and longer the magnetization of the needle will be.

Picture the same scenario for yourself and a sexual partner.

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Condoms Don’t Fix Everything

There is no method of barrier, between yourself and the spiritual baggage your sexual partner may be carrying. Being that close to another is never without consequence.

The act of sex itself, is a very powerful catalyst of connecting to the creative energies in the universe. The moment of orgasm is referred to as “le petit mort” (the little death) for a reason. During climax, we are at our most vulnerable. Our defenses are zero, and for the briefest time, we are without expectations, limitations or doubts.

To share something that divine with another human being is not to be taken lightly. There is power in the act of lovemaking.

Aural Sex

Every time a sex act occurs we leave and receive. We deposit some of our own cosmic energy with the partners we have. We also take a piece of every lover we have had, and it becomes a part of our own aura.

If we are fortunate enough to come into contact with a partner that possesses a positive radiant aura, having part of that with us is an amazing gift.

Likewise, if we lie down with someone whose aura is, muddied and dull our light will too, be dimmed.

Hope Remains

Thankfully, the universe is forgiving. There is a way to start anew. Cleansing your aura is the best way to remove negative energy that you may have accumulated along the way.

Make it a requirement to truly know a persons’ heart before “knowing” them in the Biblical sense. The effects of lovemaking may not be permanent to our bodies, but are everlasting to our being.

We run into enough troubles of our own. Sex with someone forms a permanent spiritual connection to that individual. That is an enormous commitment, that so many have entered into unwittingly.

With whom we lay matters. Look beyond what your eyes may see, and listen with your heart before jumping in the sack.






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