Curious to know what astrological sign is capable of taking you to the moon? So which zodiac sign is best in bed?

The Best Woman in Bed: Sagittarius

Image by TastyCinnamonn from Pixabay

Sagittarius. A fire sign. No surprise to see a fire sign listed as the best female lover in the Zodiac.

Why Sagittarius, you ask?

The Sagittarius woman is adventurous by nature. She tends to lack the inhibitions held by some of her more reserved counterparts.

Confidence is sexy and Sagittarius women have it in droves. Sagittarius women tend to be flirtatious naturally, which may boost her lover’s ego, making them feel even more desired.

There is little on earth, more satisfying than feeling truly desired.

Keeping things new and exciting with the Sagittarius woman will never be an issue.

If you like missionary only, 3 minute “quickies” don’t bother pursuing a Sagittarius woman because she can and will, hurt your feelings.

If you are feeling bold, however, go for it! You won’t soon forget a lover like she.

Best Man in Bed: Leo

Image by Freizeitheld from Pixabay

Leo, lion, and truly the King of the Jungle! Yes, a fire sign takes the cake here too. Leo men are born to lead both inside and outside of the bedroom.

The Leo man is confident in his sexual prowess and intends to make you understand why he is the BEST. A Leo is always on a mission to please and prove that he deserves his spot on the throne.

Leo men are not shy about letting you know that they are attracted to a woman and if you find one in pursuit of you, consider yourself lucky.

These men enjoy the hunt and if you appear weak to him, he will quickly lose interest. Lion’s want to hunt healthy prey not sick animals. The concept here is the same.

If you are seeking a lifetime commitment, a Leo is not easily tamed, so you may want to look elsewhere for true love.

A Sagittarius and Leo Together?

Image by Gloria Williams from Pixabay

Surprise! A Sagittarius and Leo are compatible in the bedroom. Two fire signs together is usually a no no. This may be the best exception in the Zodiac.

A Leo man may be the best suited to keep up with the high demands of a Sagittarius female lover. He will not be off-put by her sexual appetite, as this can often be an issue for the hot-blooded Sagittarius woman.

Leo and Sagittarius together can have a great relationship, from the bedroom to the boardroom. They both compliment one another’s confidence, sex drive, and vanity.

Often these two can even establish life long partnerships, and they do they have a great chance of happiness and success together.

A Sagittarius woman is notoriously difficult to settle down. That being said, who better to convince her than the King of the Jungle himself?

It’s All Relative

Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay

Honorable mention for Men goes to Aquarius and honorable mention for Women goes to Scorpio.

We have our own individual turn on’s so please take this information with a grain of salt. This is a generalization, for both men and women.

Face it! It’s all relative to what you want in a lover. This article speaks to physical sexuality only.

The previously mentioned signs, are not known for being particularly nurturing in the bedroom, so if sweet pillow talk is your thing, keep it moving.

No judgement here, but keep in mind that auras mesh during sex. Always guard your energy!

Here’s to finding the best lover you’ve ever had! And as always, Happy Healing!


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