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The use of yoni eggs may be thousands of years old, but there are those of us, (guilty as usual), that have been blissfully unaware of their existence. If nothing else, using yoni eggs is a great work out for your “love muscle”.

But wait! There’s more! Different yoni egg benefits, can be harnessed by using various types of semi-precious stones.


So you’re telling me that I can “bedazzle” my vagina with magical gems and stones, and it will supercharge the power within my panties???

Me being, well…. me. I had to find out what all the fuss was about! I did a little research about yoni eggs and what their purpose is. Then I chose a couple to try for myself.

Tried them.

Love them.

Gotta spread the news!

Choices, Choices

Yoni eggs are as unique as the individual using them. They come in a plethora of sizes, materials, and variations in quality. I am the ultimate penny pincher myself, but when it comes to anything that will know my body that intimately, I will gladly take high quality over a bargain.

Be mindful of the fact that cheap yoni eggs may be little more than colorful glass, and purchase your yoni egg from a reputable company.

For your initial purchase I recommend buying one egg in each, small, medium, and large sizes. You may be surprised to learn that beginning with a large size egg is easiest for most women, as its presence is not easy to ignore.

The constant feeling of fullness that the large egg offers, reminds us to use our muscles to keep it in place.


Jade, Obsidian, and Quartz! Oh My!

Image by Brett Hondow from Pixabay

Nephrite jade is the gold standard when it comes to the yoni egg. It is the anchor of the yoni egg world, and should be included in every woman’s collection as it provides benefits that are good for ALL.

Jade is known for detoxifying the body, and bringing about emotional well-being when worn externally. The internal use of jade, as is, that of a yoni egg, is believed to magnify the cleansing, and fortifying effects of jade.

It is said to bring about both a physical and spiritual cleansing of the entire being.

Lovely, semiprecious jade, has been a mechanism, throughout history, used for liver detox, improved circulation, and maintaining a youthful appearance.

It is used in spa beauty treatments for the face, still today, due to its rejuvenating properties.

Jade has a reputation for helping those who wear it maintain harmonious relationships. It helps the wearer feel more confident and enables them to be more assertive about their needs, while also remaining humble, patient, and understanding.

One of its reported benefits, is that it can “unblock” the heart chakra. That would, literally, explain why users often have a “change of heart” in their attitudes in actions.

Wealth and prosperity are also strongly associated with this stone. The strengthening of the “life force” is attributed to jade, in general, but more particularly; jade is said to light a fire in the belly of the user.

That fire, I’m referring to, is ambition. This driving will to succeed that is brought about, in the wearer, is known to produce noticeable changes in lifestyle.

Obviously, improving the way that we live, through either monetary means or a renewed sense of self would be a positive change. As I said before, anyone on the planet could benefit from the jade yoni egg.

Obsidian is another stone that I would recommend to anyone interested in the use of the yoni egg. Protection and emotional cleansing is the biggest benefit, to be had by using an obsidian egg.

Those that struggle with depression should definitely try this stone first, as that is one of the main ailment’s obsidian is used for treating.

If you read my previous article titled, Sex and Spiritual Connection, you are aware of the possibility of negative energy in your aura, left by a previous partner.

Well folks, obsidian is the best, (in my opinion) for removing the bad vibes that a, less than stellar, lover may have left behind.

Obsidian is used to absorb negative energy. I cannot think of a better way to cleanse the aura of negative energy, than doing it internally, using an obsidian yoni egg. Think of obsidian as a trap for negativity, that leaves behind a residual layer of protection for the emotionally sensitive.

If you are an empath, or suspect that you may be one, an obsidian yoni egg, could make an amazing change in your life. Just think, you could remove the emotional baggage you absorb daily!

Rose Quartz is another yoni egg type that deserves to be in every woman’s collection. Strongly associated with the healing of the metaphysical heart, rose quartz is believed to enhance the love that resides in you, for self and others.

Our capacity to love is without limit, those of us that have experienced great losses and emotional pain, sometimes have our ability to give and receive love hindered. The relationships with ourselves, family, friends, and partners will suffer from such a hindrance.

Perhaps you feel as though your relationships are fine, and you don’t need that extra boost. You may feel like you love your self enough, and are content.

While, there may be nothing wrong with the loves in your life, just keep in mind, it could always be better!

Calming, relaxation, and sensuality are also specialties of rose quartz. For yourself and lover, a rose quartz yoni egg may be just the thing to bring that extra spark back into the bedroom.

The calming and relaxing effect may lower your inhibitions enough to convince you to try “that thing” you always wanted to, but were too embarrassed to share with your romantic partner. Sounds liberating, right?

The List Goes On and On

  • Amethyst for those who meditate is a good yoni egg to have. Opening the “third eye” can be aided by wearing a talisman made of amethyst, as it is used to magnify psychic abilities and expand the capacity of the mind. Some also swear by the use of amethyst, for battling addictions and modifying negative behaviors. Keeping the mind focused and centered, is the expectation, when using an amethyst yoni egg.
  • Tiger’s eye is used for protecting against negative energy, increasing energy, confidence, and clarity of mind in the user. It is believed to aid in keeping the metabolic system healthy, relieve bone and joint pain and have anti inflammatory effects. It is said to help with keeping asthma symptoms under control, as well.
  • Lapis lazuli is good to try, for those experiencing health issues. Boosting immune system function, regulating menstrual cycles, detoxifying, respiratory health support, anti inflammatory effects, lowering blood pressure and more are lapis lazuli’s many benefits.
  • An agate yoni egg is a must for the person with a damaged soul. Introspection, healing emotional scars, and mental fortitude are what the use of agate can produce.
  • Bloodstone is another type of yoni egg that is good for cleansing both the physical, and energetic being. As the name contains the word, blood, it is appropriately attributed to helping support the blood rich organs. It is believed to help increase blood flow and aid with healing blood related disorders, such as anemia.



This is by no means, an exhaustive list of the types of yoni eggs available. Virtually any crystal, or gemstone could be crafted into the form of one.

The list of benefits that the different yoni eggs offer is just pretty much endless. It all depends on what you would like to improve upon, in your life.

We all share one common life goal. That goal, is to become a better version of ourselves. Maybe there is true mystical power in the yoni egg, maybe not.

Perhaps the power is in strengthening our pelvic muscles? Maybe cleansing of the aura is the real source of it’s magic?

Placebo effect, or not anytime we take a step to improve upon ourselves, it is empowering.

Chose the yoni egg that could benefit you the most. Try it out, and be mindful of the fact that you are being proactive in making you, a better you!

Even if your soul doesn’t vibrate upon insertion, it will feel good knowing that you have taken the initiative to create, real, personal growth.

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