Felicia Roberts

blue lotus flower bloom

The latest trend in the herbal world seems to be how Blue Lotus Flower Benefits those seeking a legal source of euphoria. Blue lotus instills in many users, a calmness and a “high” that is similar to that of cannabis. Blue Lotus Flower Benefits are Nothing New Images of theContinue Reading

Man standing with arms outstretched upward. He is standing at the edge of the road next to very tall grass and facing toward the sun.

Fresh out of a relationship, you get advice from everywhere. Be it wanted or not, everyone has an opinion on how to cure the blues. Embracing how to be happy and single means understanding that with or without a partner you are already complete, and amazing. Learning how to beContinue Reading

Small, rounded alabaster stone

Alabaster healing properties and benefits are for both the emotional body as they are the physical body. There is much more to Alabaster than beautiful carvings and decor. Physical Alabaster Healing Properties Alabaster may bring balance to hormones, relieve headaches, lessen muscle tension in the body and help reduce jointContinue Reading

Woman kneeling on sand-like ground with her had thrown back and exhaling cloudlike matter in illustration

For those who can live without daily asthma control medicine, learning how to treat asthma naturally can be a gift and improve your overall quality of life. As with any illness, severity varies among those suffering from the disease. Some can control their symptoms with diet, some need extra helpContinue Reading