Small, rounded alabaster stone

Alabaster healing properties and benefits are for both the emotional body as they are the physical body. There is much more to Alabaster than beautiful carvings and decor. Physical Alabaster Healing Properties Alabaster may bring balance to hormones, relieve headaches, lessen muscle tension in the body and help reduce jointContinue Reading

Illustration of a person sitting on the side of a bed surrounded by lightning in the room. They are looking out of the window at the planet jupiter.

The energetic body needs care, just as the physical body does. Learning how to cleanse the aura easily and often is important. Luckily there are several ways to cleanse the aura of low vibrational or “negative” energy. Wash It Away Those that posses spiritual gifts have a tendency to beContinue Reading

Illustration of Buddha silhouette with chakras indicated by color, surrounded by words with positive meaning

Love is the most powerful force on the planet. Love is described in many ways, but what is love to you? When most people think of love it conjures warm fuzzy feelings, butterflies in the belly, or pain from loves lost. Most people interpret love as a strong affection forContinue Reading