Love is the most powerful force on the planet. Love is described in many ways, but what is love to you? When most people think of love it conjures warm fuzzy feelings, butterflies in the belly, or pain from loves lost. Most people interpret love as a strong affection forContinue Reading

Curious to know what astrological sign is capable of taking you to the moon? So which zodiac sign is best in bed? The Best Woman in Bed: Sagittarius Sagittarius. A fire sign. No surprise to see a fire sign listed as the best female lover in the Zodiac. Why Sagittarius,Continue Reading

It is human nature to seek answers to life’s great mysteries. By far the biggest mystery being, “What happens to us when we die?” Is there life after death? Or is this life, all there is? I want for you to, at least temporarily, set aside your religious beliefs. WhateverContinue Reading