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Man standing with arms outstretched upward. He is standing at the edge of the road next to very tall grass and facing toward the sun.

Fresh out of a relationship, you get advice from everywhere. Be it wanted or not, everyone has an opinion on how to cure the blues. Embracing how to be happy and single means understanding that with or without a partner you are already complete, and amazing. Learning how to beContinue Reading

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The energetic body needs care, just as the physical body does. Learning how to cleanse the aura easily and often is important. Luckily there are several ways to cleanse the aura of low vibrational or “negative” energy. Wash It Away Those that posses spiritual gifts have a tendency to beContinue Reading

Outdoor picture of an assortment of many lettuces and other greens, tomatoes, and radishes

The time of year is upon us to start seedlings, and prepare the ground for our gardens! Opting to keep things as safe for my family as possible, I have sought out many natural garden pest control recipes over the years. These are a few solutions that have been exceptionallyContinue Reading

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Keeping things au naturale, is ideal for a fur baby. Natural flea treatments can be a life saver, for allergy sufferers, with two or four legs, alike. These natural flea treatments for cats or dogs, or whatever pet you chose, are great for keeping those pesky fleas in check! DiatomaceousContinue Reading