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The latest trend in the herbal world seems to be how Blue Lotus Flower Benefits those seeking a legal source of euphoria. Blue lotus instills in many users, a calmness and a “high” that is similar to that of cannabis.

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Blue Lotus Flower Benefits are Nothing New

Images of the Blue lotus flower are adorn tombs of the ancient Egyptians, and papyrus drawings. The ancestors knew of the mind altering abilities of the sacred blue lotus and paid homage to it through their art. It is almost certain that blue lotus was used to reach higher states of consciousness and enhance the ability to access the spiritual realm.

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Blue Lotus Flower Benefits

The benefits of blue lotus flower include use as a sleep aid to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply, a natural remedy for anxiety, a natural aphrodisiac, and is believed to provide benefits for men that suffer from erectile dysfunction. Blue lotus, like any other home remedy, may or may not work for everyone.

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First Timers, No Smoking Please

Very little official research has been performed on Blue Lotus Flower, in the way of short and long term side effects. Though no statistics are widely available on the dosages at which undesirable side effects occur, you must proceed with caution anytime you introduce a new herbal remedy to your body. ER visits that include elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, agitation, and visual hallucinations have been reported. Do not take the potential of Blue Lotus Flower to alter both physical and mental states lightly. All ER visits were related to either smoking dried flower directly, or by way of an e-cigarette.

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Blue Lotus Flower Tea

The best way to introduce blue lotus flower into your healthcare regimen is by making a tea. Start with 3 grams to 8 ounces of water and steep for 5 minutes. Sip slowly, so that you can judge the appropriate dose for yourself. If the desired effects are not obtained after an hour, try increasing the dosage by one gram next time you steep the tea.

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Buyer Beware

When seeking out the genuine article, please be aware that there are many impostors available. The most common is blue pea flower tea. Blue pea flower is a wonderful natural remedy as well, however it is sometimes being passed off as blue lotus flower, so use caution when purchasing. Blue lotus flower is indeed more rare than many other herbs available to treat anxiety. Do not expect a cheap price tag when purchasing, and if you see one be skeptical.

With the sudden boom in demand for blue lotus, it is being over harvested and could become endangered at the rate of consumer demand. That being said, please, if another solution works for you to aid with sleep and anxiety, stick to what you are familiar with and know is effective.

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