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The energetic body needs care, just as the physical body does. Learning how to cleanse the aura easily and often is important. Luckily there are several ways to cleanse the aura of low vibrational or “negative” energy.

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Wash It Away

Those that posses spiritual gifts have a tendency to be drawn to water. The ocean, lakes, rivers, and a good bath hold an undeniable appeal for many. Water will cleanse the energetic body as well as the physical body! Bathing in itself provides much relief, thus the immense relaxation that comes from a good bath.

The addition of pink Himalayan salt, (or any salt available) will enhance the cleansing experience of the aura. I highly recommend taking a bath using pink Himalayan salt as a quick and easy way to clear the negativity that you may pick up throughout the course of your day.

Essential oils can also boost your aural cleansing experience. Try a bath tea, or a few drops of frankincense, rosemary, or cedar essential oils added to your bath time ritual, along with salt and you will surely experience the true cleansing power of water.

Wave Your Magic Wand: Selenite

Many crystals have the ability to aid in clearing negative energy. Selenite is the crown jewel when it comes to aura cleansing. Selenite is known to increase tranquility, and purify the environment as a whole of negative energy.

All 7 primary chakras can experience a clearing of energy blockage when using selenite. To cleanse the aura, simply pass it over the entire body. This can be done as often and as discreetly as you like.

Having a rough day at the office? Simply wave your selenite wand over the body to experience its full aura cleansing benefits.

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Lighting sage or palo santo sticks is known for cleansing the energy in a space. Both can also be used for cleansing our own energetic body. Simply light and pass the smoke all over the body from the feet upward.

Pass the smoke several times around the crown area and notice the feeling of clam to follow.

Breath Work and Meditation

Think of this spiritual surgery done on self. Go inward. Be conscious of the energy that does not belong to you nor serve you and gather it from the body in deep slow inhalations.

Be mindful of exhaling the negativity and inhaling love and tranquility into your body. If you feel your energies in a particular place are very muddied give that area your focus.

Envision the cleansing that is taking place with each new breath cycle. It may sound ineffective, but healing recognizes the energy of your intent. Removing the undesirable through your own efforts, will also aid you in realizing the power that you have over your own pains of ANY nature.

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Return to nature! Grounding is the practice of allowing the energy of Mother Earth herself to penetrate your body through the bare feet. The earth has its own energetic charge and “skin to skin” contact is the best way to take advantage of this gift.

Walk barefoot for 15 minutes and soak up rain or sunshine! It can be in your own yard, no special visits or equipment required.

Follow Your Heart

This is not an exhaustive list of ways to cleanse your aura by any means. There are many other crystals such as rainbow fluorite, black tourmaline, and amethyst (just to name a few) that are helpful with cleansing. The results that you are looking for may vary in effectiveness by method.

Try different ones and see what works best for you! And as Always. Happy Healing!


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